Latest Driver & Fauji Driver Jobs In Lahore 2023

Are you ready to hit the road to a promising career? Lahore, Pakistan, offers an exciting opportunity for aspiring drivers in 2023. House is seeking skilled individuals to fill driver and fauji driver positions. In this article, we’ll navigate through these job openings and guide you on how to apply for a chance to join their dedicated team.

Date Posted08 September, 2023
EducationPrimary | Middle
Vacancy LocationLahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Job IndustryDriving Jobs
Last Date15 October, 2023

Jobs Details:


Lahore, the heart of Punjab, presents numerous driving opportunities. House is looking for enthusiastic individuals to take the wheel and contribute to their operations.

The Roles: Driver & Fauji Driver


As a driver, you will be responsible for safely and efficiently transporting goods, passengers, or materials. Key responsibilities include:

  • Safe Operation: Operating vehicles in compliance with traffic rules and regulations.
  • Route Planning: Planning the most efficient routes for timely deliveries.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Ensuring the vehicle is in good working condition.
  • Customer Service: Providing excellent service and addressing passenger needs.

Fauji Driver

A fauji driver serves a critical role, often driving military or army vehicles. Responsibilities may include:

  • Military Vehicle Operation: Operating military vehicles with precision.
  • Transportation Support: Assisting in the logistics and transportation needs of the military.
  • Safety and Security: Ensuring the safety and security of passengers and cargo.

Educational Requirements

Candidates with educational backgrounds ranging from Primary to Middle are encouraged to apply. While formal education is considered, practical driving skills and experience are highly valued.

Applying for Driver & Fauji Driver Positions

To steer your career in the right direction, follow these steps to apply:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Access the official website mentioned in the advertisement to locate the application portal.
  2. Upload Your CV: Prepare a concise CV highlighting your driving experience and any relevant skills. Upload it through the online application.
  3. Be Among the First 25 Applicants: Enhance your chances of selection by aiming to be among the first 25 applicants. Early applications often receive priority consideration.
  4. Check the Closing Date: Ensure that your application is submitted before the closing date, which is October 15, 2023, or as specified in the newspaper advertisement.


Benefits of a Driving Career

A career in driving offers several advantages:

  • Independence: The opportunity to work independently and enjoy the open road.
  • Stability: A stable profession with consistent demand for skilled drivers.
  • Diverse Opportunities: Driving careers span various industries, from transportation to logistics.


Don’t miss the chance to accelerate your driving career with House in Lahore. Whether you’re an experienced driver or looking to start a new journey, these roles offer diverse opportunities. Apply online today and embark on a rewarding driving career.

Note: This article is written in English, as per your request.


  • How can I apply for Driver & Fauji Driver positions in Lahore with House? To apply, visit the official website mentioned in the advertisement, upload your CV showcasing your driving skills and experience, and aim to be among the first 25 applicants for priority consideration.
  • What educational qualifications are required for these positions? Candidates with educational backgrounds ranging from Primary to Middle are encouraged to apply.
  • What benefits are offered to Drivers and Fauji Drivers at House? Benefits may include job stability, diverse career opportunities, and the chance to work independently.
  • When is the last date for applications? The deadline for applications is October 15, 2023, or as mentioned in the newspaper advertisement.
  • Is prior driving experience mandatory for these positions? While experience is valued, candidates with strong driving skills are also encouraged to apply.
  • Is knowledge of the English language necessary for these roles? While not mandatory, basic knowledge of English can be helpful, especially for effective communication.

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