Latest Salesman & Sales Staff Jobs In Lahore 2023

Are you passionate about sales and ready to embark on an exciting career path? Look no further! A reputable Marketing Company in Lahore, Pakistan, is offering promising job opportunities for salesmen and sales staff in 2023. In this article, we’ll delve into these job openings and guide you on how to apply for a chance to join this dynamic team.

Date Posted08 September, 2023
EducationMatric | Intermediate
Vacancy LocationLahore, Punjab, Pakistan
OrganizationMarketing Company
Job IndustrySales Jobs
Last Date15 October, 2023

Jobs Details:


Lahore, the heart of Punjab, is a bustling hub of commerce and opportunities. The Marketing Company is on the lookout for dedicated individuals who are enthusiastic about sales and eager to contribute to the company’s growth.

The Roles: Salesman & Sales Staff


As a salesman, your role will revolve around promoting and selling the company’s products or services. Key responsibilities include:

  • Customer Engagement: Interacting with potential customers, addressing inquiries, and building relationships.
  • Product Knowledge: Gaining in-depth knowledge of the company’s offerings to effectively communicate their value.
  • Sales Strategies: Implementing sales techniques to meet or exceed sales targets.
  • Market Research: Keeping up with market trends and competitors to identify opportunities.

Sales Staff

Sales staff positions encompass various roles within the sales department. Your tasks may vary depending on the specific job, but your commitment to achieving sales goals will be paramount.

Educational Requirements

Candidates with educational backgrounds ranging from Matric to Intermediate are encouraged to apply. While formal education is important, a passion for sales, determination, and effective communication skills can be equally valuable.

Applying for Salesman & Sales Staff Positions

To pursue a career in sales with the Marketing Company, follow these steps to apply:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Access the official website mentioned in the advertisement to locate the application portal.
  2. Upload Your CV: Prepare a comprehensive CV that highlights your sales skills and any relevant experience. Upload it through the online application.
  3. Be Among the First 25 Applicants: Increase your chances of selection by aiming to be among the first 25 applicants. Early applications often receive priority consideration.
  4. Check the Closing Date: Ensure that your application is submitted before the closing date, which is October 15, 2023, or as specified in the newspaper advertisement.


Benefits of Working in Sales Roles

A career in sales offers several advantages, including:

  • Commission Opportunities: The potential to earn commissions based on performance.
  • Skill Development: Opportunities to enhance your sales and negotiation skills.
  • Career Growth: Possibilities for advancement within the company.


Don’t miss the opportunity to kick-start or advance your sales career with the Marketing Company in Lahore. Whether you’re a seasoned salesman or a passionate newcomer, there’s room for growth and success in the dynamic world of sales. Apply online today and take the first step toward a rewarding sales career.


  • How can I apply for Salesman & Sales Staff positions at the Marketing Company in Lahore? To apply, visit the official website mentioned in the advertisement, upload your CV showcasing your sales skills and experience, and aim to be among the first 25 applicants for priority consideration.
  • What educational qualifications are required for these positions? Candidates with educational backgrounds ranging from Matric to Intermediate are encouraged to apply.
  • What benefits are offered to Salesmen and Sales Staff at the Marketing Company? Benefits may include commission opportunities, skill development, and possibilities for career growth.
  • When is the last date for applications? The deadline for applications is October 15, 2023, or as mentioned in the newspaper advertisement.
  • Is prior sales experience mandatory for these positions? While experience is valuable, a passion for sales and effective communication skills can also be assets.
  • Is knowledge of the English language necessary for these roles? While not mandatory, knowledge of English can be beneficial for effective communication, especially in a sales role.

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